09/04/2018 - 10/04/2018    
9:30 am - 5:00 pm


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Kerry Technology Park
Tralee, Co. Kerry

Programme Overview
The Conducting Investigations programme provides participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out fair and complete investigations. This programme focuses on the practices and procedures to be followed if an investigation into a grievance, disciplinary or bullying and harassment issue was needed.

Who Should Attend?
All Managers wishing to improve their investigative skills and their understanding of the investigative process should attend. This programme would also provide human resources personnel with a helpful insight into the investigative process and the current issues raised by third parties.

The programme runs two consecutive days. There are a number of activities and case studies as part of the course to ensure that the key knowledge and skills are practiced.
The programme is delivered by experienced Ibec Executives who provide members with advice, consultancy and training on a daily basis. Programme participants are encouraged to express their views and experiences. The programme facilitates participant discussion to ensure a thorough understanding of the key points and their application. Real life case studies and exercises will be used to ensure a real practical understanding of each topic

Programme Schedule
Day 1
Areas for Investigation
Discipline and Dismissals
• Managing the poor or incompetent
• Managing absenteeism
• Dealing with misconduct / gross
• Understanding the Disciplinary procedure
• Exercise
Protected Disclosures
• What is a protected disclosure
• Relevant wrongdoings
• Who can disclosures be made to
• Reasonableness
• Dealing with grievances
• Understanding the Grievance Procedure
• Exercise
Bullying and Harassment
• Defining bullying and harassment
• Dealing with the issues
• Understanding the Dignity at Work
• Exercise
Other Areas for Investigation
General Issues
• Relevant Documentation
• Principles of Natural Justice
• Understanding the Policies & procedures

Day 2
Dealing with the Initial Complaint
or Initial Issue
• Setting the Terms of Reference
• The Substantive Issue
• Who Investigates?
• Who will be sitting at the table?
The Interviews
• Order of the Interviews
• Witnesses
• Communications
– Open, Body & Close
– Effective Questioning and
probing techniques
– Record keeping
– Follow up
Dealing with Difficult Situations
• Dealing with conflict
• Dealing with aggression
• Dealing with passiveness
The Conclusion
• Writing the Final Report
• The Final Meeting
• The Decision
• The Appeal Process

Programme Outcomes
On completion of the programme, participants will be able to:
• Understand the main areas of employment law where investigations might be needed, including grievances, discipline and dismissal and bullying and harassment
• Understand the rules of natural justice and how they relate to an investigation within an organisation
• Advise on best practice in the area of investigations
• Conduct investigations
• Advise others who have questions or queries on how to carry out an investigation
• Write clear and concise investigation reports
• Ensure that the organisation is compliant with employment legislation when carrying out investigations
• Identify issues that may potentially lead to a case being taken to a third party
• Critically review existing policies and procedures
• Know the current best practice approach to dealing with issues in the area of conducting investigations

Training Provider: Ibec Training


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