21/06/2022 - 06/09/2022    
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


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Course Introduction 

This course on digitalisation of organisational business processes for organisations in Ireland is designed to provide clarity for many business professionals, helping them to assess their current business approaches in comparison to the plethora of possibilities afforded by increased digitalisation of everyday business processes.

The course covers the topics of digital transformation, re-examination of business models and organisational strategy, digitisation of omni-channels within the consumer market, alignment and convergence of commercial objectives, and strategies to outlast and grow in the age of digital.

The outcome of this course will ultimately lead to discovering Industry 4.0 and the positive effects of digitalisation available to Irish organisations, as well as the possibilities of safeguarding growth and technological advancement through digitalisation within standard business processes.

Learning Outcomes 

This course aims to:

Introduce learners to the key concepts of Industry 0, digitalisation and the organisation
Familiarise learners with models of pure digitalisation in organisations
Explore the strategic impact digitalisation can have in organisations
Explore the multiplicity of Industry 4.0 and digitalisation
Develop learners’ understanding of Industry 4.0 digitalisation in organisations.

Course Structure 

Part-time: 1 evening/ week, 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm, over the course of 12 weeks

Course Breakdown

Digital transformation and Industry 4.0 – An introduction to digitalisation. Understanding digital transformation and Industry 4.0. The role of management and decision makers in the transformation process.
Digitisation, digitalisation and digital transformation – what’s the difference? The meaning and comprehensive distinction of each of the concepts and its impact on business. Understanding how digital transformation can grow the enterprise.
A digital inclusive business strategy – Breaking the mould of traditional business tactics and recognising that digitalisation is a strategic business shift towards growth for any industry and organisation.
Digitalisation in the organisational business model – Looking at traditional organisational business models and adapting towards a digitalisation model for the future. Recognising digitalisation in all functional areas of business. Grasping the theory of constant transformation.
Digital transformation analysis of business processes – Investigating what can be changed by the implementation of a digitalisation business strategy into current business processes.
Leadership and Change inside digital – How to lead digitalisation change, staff, change and embracing the management role of change.
Digital can help in really getting to know your market – Exploring how digitalisation of current business processes can re-introduce you to your existing customers. How to grow your markets.
Modern market channels: Using digitalisation in your omni-channels – recognising that customers expect a different user experience between the various digitalised touchpoints and how to integrate digitalisation into modern omni-channel marketing. How to deal with channel conflict.
Align convergence by controlling your commercial objectives – How to merge your commercial objectives in line with available strategic tools. Industry 4.0 and the possibilities it presents.
Surviving in a digital era – Strengths, threats, opportunities and weaknesses in the evolution and shift towards digitalisation.
A digitized shift in thinking – Outlasting the digitalisation shift and modelling you digital strategic thinking. Adopting new competencies.
Managing the digitalized future – Be an innovator in the outlook of digitalisation. Industry4.0 is here to stay. Adapt, change in order to grow.

How will I be assessed?

The Digital Transformation Management course is assessed through weekly reflective logs.

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Training Provider: UCD Professional Academy

Programme Cost: €1,500
Programme Cost to South West Gnó members: €525.00


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