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Pairc Tionscail Na Tulaigh, Baile na hAbhann, Galway

An intensive course focusing on functions and formulas and how to manage, manipulate and extract data. Microsoft Excel Advanced Level.

Advanced Excel is all about understanding “why” items work in the way they do. This intensive course will prepare you for your continued lifelong learning of Excel.

Participants who attend this course should have a good knowledge of Excel and should be using it on a daily basis. Candidates will already have a working knowledge of functions such as IF and VLOOKUP. Candidates should know the difference between Absolute and Relative cell referencing and how to create and use Defined Names. Candidates who do not know the above items should not attend this level and should attend an Intermediate level first.

The course content will include the items listed below. Items not listed here are covered at another level.

Nesting functions within other functions.

Use data validation to force compliance with input standards.

Creating dynamic dropdown lists.

Creating Tables within Excel

Using Goal Seek.

Creating an Array formula.

Create and use a Pivot Table.

·         Field Settings.

·         Creating Formulas in Pivot Tables.

·         Rearranging and filtering Pivot Tables.

·         Creating Pivot charts.

Protect a document and specific cells.

Recording a basic Macro and assign it to a macro button.

Dealing with error messages in formulas.

Use the following Excel functions:


·         IF AND (IF OR)

·         Nesting IF Functions

·         SUMIF

·         SUMIFS

·         COUNTIF

·         COUNTIFS

·         VLOOKUP

·         IFERROR

·         INDIRECT

·         FREQUENCY

·         MEDIAN

·         LARGE

·         SMALL

·         STDEV


Trainer: Gary M. Pheasey  –DTI
mail: [email protected]
This course is currently full. Please register your interest for this course using the form below and we will let you know should a place become available. Thank you.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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