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Co. Kerry
Kerry, Kerry, Co. Kerry

Resilience is the ability to thrive on positive stress and avoid distress. How do we manage the situations that create stress and recover from these with motivation and a sense of well-being? The workshop is suitable for anyone with a personal or professional interest in building resilience. This includes HR professionals, Learning and Development specialists, teachers and educators, trainers and consultants and operational managers.

The masterclass covers 3 evidence- based strategies for managing stress and flourishing under pressure; reframing stress, responding effectively and relating well to others especially during times of pressure.
• Reframe stress: Resilient people can reframe their stress and make it their friend, not foe, by using simple positive psychology tools which counter defeatist thinking with an optimistic mindset. This section covers the most recent research on managing stress. It covers unhelpful thinking patterns and ways to focus on strengths not weaknesses.
• Respond effectively: With a little effort, we can retrain the brain’s ability to cope with the daily challenges of life by using simple strategies. We cover a range of wellbeing exercises including short mindfulness, stress busters and focus exercises that strengthen one’s ability to cope under pressure. We give each participant a wellbeing menu of 25 skills
• Relate to others: learning how to reach out to key resources is a skill of all resilient people. Building relationships takes practice. We look at how to achieve the 5 to 1 ratio of positive to negative interactions to create thriving relationships and teams. People often forget how resilient they are when the pressure increases. We also discussed sharing resilience skills within the group and planning to adopt simple resilience habits to build personal resilience.

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