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Context and need for this programme
Organisations are acknowledging more and more the need to shift from the old style of leadership and management to using a coaching approach. This is so they stay competitive and successful in a world that is complex, uncertain, fast paced and where expectations of managers/leaders are high. It is also vital that mangers and leaders have the skills required to develop people as attraction and retention is key.

Programme Aim
To develop the capacity of managers to be able to use coaching skills and a coaching approach in the development and management of their people.

Programme Objectives
To develop managers in coaching competencies and the use of the tGROW coaching model.
To integrate the application of a coaching model, skills and competencies into practice i.e. 1:1 and day-to-day engagement with people.

Online Workshops – 1 x 2 days with a follow up a month later of 1 x 1 day workshop

Programme introduction for participants Information and preparation by email to all attendees:
Welcome participants to the programme
Lay out the learning journey ahead (programme outline)
Align expectations on time, attendance, outputs (letter from Ailbhe)
Kick off completion of participants goals for the programme (Learning plan provided)

Workshop 1
Day 1 “Engage in Great Conversations”:
• Introduction to the programme
• Individual introductions – their world and learning goals for the programme
• Learning contract with the group

Role of leader/manager

• The role and responsibility of a manager/leader in today’s world of work
• Define coaching/mentoring and using a coaching style/approach to engage in great conversations- Stay/Grow and enhance performance
• Using different styles on the coaching continuum
• Understanding the Skill/will Matrix

Skills Development

• The Interpersonal Effectiveness Model
• Listening skills with practice and introduce questioning skills
• Using a process/structure to lead: tGROW Model
• Live demonstration of using coaching skills
• Practice GROW model with support and feedback

Transfer of learning

• Outline stages of Learning – taking it back and practising the skills with a coaching buddy
• Learning review and transfer – learning log

Workshop 1
Day 2:
• Learning review from yesterday & check in
• Understanding the dynamics of communication – Transactional Analysis
• Questioning and developing skills to provide clean feedback
• Coaching style conversations – Practice tGROW and receive feedback
• Learning review and transfer – learning log

Establish Coaching Buddies who practice coaching skills between workshop 1 and 2 as a self-directed learning mechanism and support
Practice coaching Skills with Coaching Buddy Embedding skills and learning with coaching buddy and on the job and complete learning log
Learning Step Potential Content/time

Workshop 2

Using Coaching Skills and Effective Communication to Enhance Performance
Day 3:
• Learning review & check in – success and challenges with practice since we met last
• Refresh using a coaching style to lead: tGROW Model
• Practice tGROW model with support and feedback
• Creating and environment for improved performance
• TA – Avoiding the Drama Triangle and stepping into the Winners Pyramid
• Courageous Conversations / managing performance – using TGROW +3 part assertive model and clean feedback
• Focus on their performance challenges / Courageous conversation needs, and Practice sessions
• Learning review and transfer – learning log

Review of programme and reflection
Establish new Coaching Buddies who continue to practice coaching skills for the next four weeks as a self-directed

Learning mechanism and support
Practice coaching Skils with Coaching Buddy
Embedding skills and learning with coaching buddy and on coaching Skills the job

Learning Momentum is maintained through the combination of group learning workshops, buddy practice and learning log.

Workshop times: 9.00-5.00pm with morning, afternoon and lunch break (one hour as need this break when working online)

Methodology by Ailbhe Harrington

I am very aware of the importance of my role as facilitator in terms of creating an environment that enables people to feel safe and to have an opportunity to learn in an experiential way and reflect on how they can transfer the learning back into the workplace. I am also experienced in managing group dynamics and being emotionally aware of what needs to be addressed in groups so they function effectively.

1. My teaching style reflects a person-centred approach to adult learning. My principal method is experiential learning: learning by doing, coupled with personal reflection and exploration. I include mini-inputs, workshop notes, discussion groups, and experiential work in twos and threes.
2. My approach is to develop coaching skills rather than just teach what ‘coaching’ is. I encourage individuals to move beyond technique, and to develop deeper awareness, attitudes and skills essential to being authentic and the use of an effective coaching approach.
3. The primary focus is to develop and refine the participants’ inherent interpersonal skills, empathic listening and questioning, and their ability to engage with others to create real connection, clarity, choice and forward action.
4. I have chosen Transactional Analysis (widely used in business and personal development) as a psychological model to aid managers’ awareness of the dynamics in managing and developing people.
5. With the programme being online I have a team of experienced trained coaches to supprot me as mentors so they can join breakout rooms for exercises and practice so we can ensure the learning is happening.

Participant Workbook
A coaching workbook has already been developed to support the programme. It will then be available for the managers to use in whatever way it is useful going forwards.

At the end of each workshop a skillnet evaluation form will be completed.

Programme Cost: €700pp
SWG Skillnet Members Fee:
€490pp (Includes workbook and slides placed in a dropbox folder that participants can access).
This fee is inclusive of 30% funding support. 

Provider Details
Ailbhe Harrington, MA in Professional Coaching, Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and Coach Supervisor. ICF Coach of the Year (2016) and ICF Coach Trainer of the Year (2017), Coach Supervisor of the year (2020) and Presidents Award for a Social Enterprise (2020)



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