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Laois Education Centre
Portlaoise, Portlaoise, Laois

This is an original programme teaching best professional theory and practice. Its primary focus is to develop and refine our inherent interpersonal skills, such as perceptive, empathic listening and questioning, and our ability to engage with others so as to create real connection, clarity, choice and forward action.

We build on this foundation with a thorough training in the co-active coaching model, together with selected processes from Neuro-Linguistic Programming. We think it is valuable to have a psychological model to aid our thinking and have chosen Transactional Analysis, widely used in business and personal development. Throughout the programme the International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Competencies provide the criteria and framework for evaluating participants’ growing coaching skills. The course has been designed so that these core competencies, skills and knowledge take root in the seedbed of the increasing self-awareness and personal development of the coach.

The taught programme consists of a sequence of five modules of four consecutive days each. A progression of skills is taught through the programme, with basic skills taught and practiced early in the programme and then developed and deepened by advanced material in later units.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Developed the International Coach Federation Associate Certified Level coaching competencies
  • Developed and integrated knowledge across a number of key coaching subject areas
  • An integrated application of coaching models, tools and competencies
  • Contextualised coaching within the wider field of learning and development, counselling and therapyName principles of ethical practice applied to the area of coaching
  • Demonstrate an ability to communicate appropriately to clients seeking coaching whether coming from business or other contexts

At the end of the training programme, provided you have been present for at least 18 of the 20 training days) and completed both practical and written assignments, you will receive a, Coaching Development Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills

Trainer Details:

Ailbhe Harrington – Coaching Development

Mobile: 087-2372084

Coaching Development is a world-class provider of in-depth, professional coach training. Highly experienced in face-to-face training, since 2002 we have trained 1,000+ coaches, including senior managers and leaders from global corporations. We have an outstanding reputation for developing highly effective, professional coaches who move beyond technique and embody the attitudes and skills of authentic and powerful coaching.


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