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This is a 6-month transformational program for women in leadership, designed to support leaders in their wellbeing, build resilience and emotional intelligence; so that leaders can empower their teams to thrive. It will be run remotely for Spring 2021.


Program Content:

This whole program has been set up to meet a need that is huge at this point in time – to support leaders in their own wellbeing so that they are in a better position to support their teams. Stress management, building resilience and self-care are all components of developing emotional intelligence so I will be drawing on my 21+ years of knowledge and experience to empower a deeper understanding of all of these topics and bring them into practical application for you in work and in life.

Built based on Seligman’s Resilience & Wellbeing PERMA model, the building blocks for resilience and growth, and incorporating Mindfulness and Mindful Self-Compassion; each month will have a theme as follows:


1) Embracing Healthy Habits

  • Discover how to kickstart healthy habits that you can stick to so that you can get the results you’ve always wanted
  • Build your resilience by taking responsibility for your health and wellbeing in all areas of your life.
  • Practice self-care along the entire journey


2) Increasing Positive Emotions

  • Discover the Truth about emotions and their impact on performance
  • Explore a proven toolkit for building resilience & growing wellbeing
  • Activate your happiness and gain confidence in your strengths


3) Growing Engagement

  • Discover how to stay motivated and engaged
  • Unlock your core values and strengths to uncover your inner drive
  • Identify how to work to your strengths so that you can excel at what you do (and help others to too!)


4) Building Connections and Relationships

  • The secret to lasting inner confidence and banishing the inner critic for good!
  • A simple strategy to identify where you and your team get caught in stress, and how to progress past those patterns
  • Build meaningful relationships and connections that are mutually beneficial


5) Finding Purpose and Meaning

  • Gain a sense of clarity about your life and your work
  • Move deeper into your purpose
  • Feel more connected to yourself and to what’s really important to you


6) Recognising Accomplishments

  • Recognition of what you’ve achieved
  • Appreciation for self and others
  • Recognize limiting beliefs and break through your ceiling to achieve more than ever before!


In addition you will discover:

  • A roadmap to building your tolerance for stress
  • The sneaky way to practice Mindfulness without needing extra time out of your busy day
  • The secrets to staying well and performing through challenging times
  • Ways to create better moods, energy and work performance
  • How to move from ‘Survive’ to ‘Thrive’!



  • Reduce stress & boost your wellbeing
  • Re-connect more deeply with yourself, bring meaning and passion back into your life
  • Grow your resilience & stress tolerance to feel stronger within yourself
  • Build your self-awareness and emotional intelligence – key skills required of top leaders today
  • Create more quality time for yourself and for your family
  • Communicate more effectively and clearly
  • Grow in confidence & feel better in your own skin
  • Value yourself and improve your worth as a leader

Not only will you be building your own reservoir of personal resilience and development, but everything you learn can be applied immediately in the workplace to benefit both you and your teams.



The cost for this program is €2397 per person. A maximum of 14 women will be accepted onto the program.
SWG Skillnet can offer 25% funding on this tranining, therefore cost to members will be €1,790.


What’s involved:


Sessions are run 1 day per month, remotely.  Groups are deliberately kept at a small group size and are highly interactive.  They are semi-structured, including the sharing of content, daily theme, lots of time for discussion, reflection and practice.   We will focus on applied learning and growth experience.


Online access to a private members only area to access all the resources to support your journey


Your opportunity to stay accountable, push on with your goals, make progress, ask questions and get support along the way!


Free selection of Guided Meditations to keep your head clear, calm and focused so that you can be at your best even through times of disruption.


Certificate of Attendance (Personal & Professional Development Certificate), which can be used for your organization when you complete the program.

Training Provider: MINDWORKS





Bookings are closed for this event.

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