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Microsoft Excel is by far the most popular spreadsheet application in use today. Its uses span all sectors within business, industry or academia. At the end of the course participants will have a solid knowledge of how to set up and manipulate data within Excel. This Core level is important for anyone who wishes to go on to Intermediate and Advanced level at a later time.
Participants on this course should have some familiarity with using a PC, mouse and keyboard. The class is designed for those who have little or no knowledge of Excel or who have only been working on inputting data into a standard Excel spreadsheet.
The course content will include the items listed below. Items not listed here are covered at another level.
A first look at the Excel environment.
Understanding the difference between a spreadhseet and a database within Excel.
Entering data into Excel.
Manipulating Rows and Columns of data.
Changing data, copying or moving data within a spreadsheet or between spreadhseets.
Formatting a spreadsheet, including text formatting, cell formatting, borders, alignment and font.
Creating basic formulas using mathematical symbols.
Understanding and using the AutoSUM functions.
Understanding the difference between Relative and Absolute cell referencing.
Page layout and preparing data for printing.
Trainer Details:


Gary M. Pheasey

Managing Director / Training Consultant

+353 86 2307464

Direct Email:  [email protected]

Direct Training Ireland was founded by Gary M. Pheasey following years of training experience with many of the leading companies in Ireland.

With a background founded in education and training, and as a member of the Irish Institute Of Training And Development and an ECDL Certified Training Professional, he has many years of training experience behind him.

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