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Pairc Tionscail na Tulaig , Baile Na hAbhann, Galway

Microsoft Excel
Intermediate Level
1 Day Course: 9:30am – 4:30pm

Course Aims & Objectives
At the end of this course participants will have a better understanding of how formulas are constructed and will have a thorough knowledge of how to structure a spreadsheet and database within Excel.

Who Should Attend?
This course is specifically for those who already have some experience of Excel and know how to input data into a spreadsheet. It will specifically be of interest to those who are working on spreadsheets created by others but want to know how to set up and manage their own workbooks.

Course Outline
The course content will include the items listed below.
Charts, Sheet Layout and Formatting are covered at Core level.
 Review of Excel Basics.
 Understanding the difference between “relative” and “absolute” cell references.
 Defined Names of cells and ranges and using the Name Manager.
 Understanding and using dates in calculations.
 Creating Custom formats for dates and numbers.
 Using the IF function.
 Using VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions.
 Using the SUMIF(s), COUNTIF(s) and AVERAGEIF(s) functions.
 Conditional Formatting.
 Working with Text and using common TEXT functions.
 Importing data from other sources.
 Understand how to construct an effective database within Excel.
 Multilevel sorting by more than one field.
 Retrieving records using autofilter, custom and advanced filters.
 Prepare basic Pivot Tables.
 Understand and use the key functions:

Notes and exercise files will be provided on CD or via
Dropbox. The notes will cover Excel Core and Intermediate
levels. Ongoing email support is offered.

Training Provider: Direct Training Ireland


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