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What is NLP?
NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, that is, knowing what
works in your thinking, behaviour and language patterns so that you
achieve the results you want in your business and personal life.
NLP is all about communication, awareness and understanding of yourself and
others and using all of that to gain clarity, reproduce excellence and consistently achieve
the goals you set professionally and personally.
NLP is fun, exciting and all about you ; it’s about creating awareness
and choice in what you do and how you do it. The focus is on positive
communication with self and others and subtle change
from the inside out.

Why NLP?
Are you interested in tapping into attitudes of excellence, learning a
set of tools, techniques and processes which you can use to assist you
• Connect and build stronger, more positive relationships.
• Understand others and communicate more effectively,
effortlessly and easily.
• Reduce stress levels, allowing you be more focussed so that you
work more productively and effectively.
• Managing on-going change, bringing balance across all areas of
your life.
• Become more aware of yourself, manage your internal state and
create more choice for yourself – when you change others
change too!
• Develop personally and challenge yourself to reach greater
• Have a greater competitive edge as a result of your improved
communication skills.
• Tap into your internal resources and positively assist those
around you to tap into theirs; inspire and motivate others in
their achieving.

Who is NLP for?
Anyone with a curiosity about how and why they do what they do, those
who want to tap into their excellence and replicate it across all areas of
their lives; those who want to stop unwanted habits and behaviours and
live life to the full
• Managers, Team Leaders, Mentors who want to have the
competitive edge as a result of improved communication skills.
• Professional Coaches, Counsellors, Therapists, people
helpers who wish to assist their clients to tap into their internal
• Educators, Trainers, Facilitators who would like to bring their
sessions to a whole new level, assisting learners to link and use the
new knowledge, skill and expertise.
• Individuals who want to develop personally and challenge
themselves to reach great heights.

What will you learn?
NLP is life-long learning, the 6 Day course will introduce you to:-
• The history of NLP – understanding the historical and scientific basis.
• The Principles of Success—The 3 legs of NLP.
• The NLP Communication Model – the basis of our experience/our
communication with ourselves and others.
• Language – using your words with awareness and elegance.
• States & Anchoring – awareness of your resourceful states and tapping into and accessing same for future use.
• Well Formed Outcomes – ensuring that what you want is really
what you want and going for it!
• Presuppositions of NLP – assumptions to try on and live by.
• Rapport – building and improving relationship skills by establishing
and maintaining connection.
• Sensory Acuity – fine tuning your senses to better understand
yourself and others.
• Submodalities – the way you internally encode information and
having the choice to change unwanted thoughts, feelings and
• Timelines – your own time machine and how to resource yourself.

How you’ll Learn
Over the 4 modules you will:-
• Learn by doing, in a supportive and stimulating online environment.
• Working in pairs and triads, you will experience the power of the
methodologies, tools and techniques for yourself and others.
• You will be encouraged to discover for yourself where your
learning will be useful and how you will apply it in your day to
day life, professionally and personally.
• Professional guidance, instruction and demonstrations of the
tools and techniques.
• Ongoing assessment and feedback over the modules to assist
you in meeting the assessment criteria.
• Gain an internationally recognised certification from INLPTA (the
International NLP Trainers Association) upon completion.

After the training
You are eligible to attend our Practice Sessions, held every 8 weeks,
online, where you will network with other NLP’ers who have completed various levels of their training, share your learnings, grow and expand your knowledge, skill and experience of NLP and stay up-to-date
with the latest developments in this and related fields.

Are you interested in investing in yourself, your
business and your personal life?
• Are you curious about how and why you do what you do?
• Are you interested in learning how to tap into your excellence
and replicate it across all areas of your life?
• Would you like more choice and flexibility in your thoughts,
feelings and behaviours?
• Are you interested in investing in yourself in a very positive way?

Training Provider: NLP Training Institute

The course is held virtually over 6.3 days.

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