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Course Overview – Program Management Essentials

Many organizations fail because they do not use “joined up” thinking. They manage projects extremely effectively, but this work does not seem to translate into useful benefits that contribute to the organization’s overall strategy.
Managing related projects and other activities in a coordinated way, as part of a larger program can provide efficiencies and benefits that would not accrue if this work was managed independently.
For a Program Manager, the focus is no longer on specific deliverables, but instead is concerned with providing benefits to the organization and aligning the program with the organization’s overall strategy

For whom is this course suitable?
This course will be of benefit to practicing Program Managers, who might be managing multiple projects, but who have not been exposed to strategic thinking and proper governance.
It will also be of interest to board-level staff, who are frustrated with projects not aligning with the overall strategy. Managing through programs may be the missing step from your portfolio.
Finally, Project Managers who are considering the next step in their careers will learn how senior management thinks and, even if they never manage a program down the line, they will learn the concerns of their managers and will be able to express project progress in terms of strategy rather than just in terms of deliverables.

Learning Objectives
• Define Program Management
• Relate program delivery to business / strategic objectives
• Identify the benefits your program will offer and plan how to deliver, transition and sustain them
• Manage, plan, execute and control a successful program consisting of multiple, related projects
• Effectively manage complex stakeholder relationships
• Use industry best-practice Program Management tools and techniques
• Identify and implement effective Program Management governance
• Report and control programs in a professional manner, employing the most appropriate reporting tools

Course Description
This course is based on the Project Management Institute’s Standard for Program Management (4th Edition).
External consultants from a variety of industries have contributed to this course, introducing practical tools to support your program management efforts.

Course Content

• Define Program Management

• Program Strategy Alignment

• Program Stakeholder Engagement

• Program Governance

• Program Benefits Management
• Identification
• Analysis and Planning
• Delivery
• Transition
• Sustainment

• Program Management Life Cycle
• Program Definition
• Program Delivery (including Program Reporting)
• Program Closure

Virtual classroom Training via Zoom™
Attend from anywhere
Interact with your trainer and your peers via breakout rooms
Apply Program Management Tools & Techniques using an original case study

Training Provider: Velopi

Dates: 16,17,23rd May 2023 (Online)

Cost: €1200 per person
South West Gnó Skillnet members can avail of 30% funding, reducing the cost to €840 per person.



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