29/06/2017 - 30/06/2017    
9:30 am - 5:00 pm


High Street
Killarney, Co. Kerry

Welcome – setting the context


Module 1: Inherent Communication Style.

GETTING IT RIGHT, RIGHT FROM THE START – Excellence in front line care

The verbal/visual “handshake” – presenting yourself/your service

Facial expressions, stance, voice, tone and pitch

Matching and mirroring – establishing a relationship

What’s the difference in needs and wants?


Module 2: Good Customer Care Components.

CARING & EFFICIENT – establishing rapport with the patient/carer

What is rapport? Why is it important? What’s Empathy?

The science of semiotics in the process

Active- reflective- listening – not just hearing but listening

“Chunk and check” – conducive information sharing

Applying the Calgary-Cambridge ICE technique

Safety netting – does the patient really understand?


Module 3: Telephone Call Handling.

GOLDEN RULES OF CALL HANDLING – giving the same service

Applying these skills to a non-visual situation – adapting the skills for the telephone

Does body language matter on the phone?

Active listening, good questioning and overcoming barriers

What if the patient’s expectations are unrealistic?

Negotiating and persuading skills,  2 handed solution finding


Module 4: Difficult Communications.

MAINTAINING PROFESSIONALISM – Dealing with difficult situations

Why do patients get angry? – what’s our experience?

Recognising when it’s starting to go wrong – not ignoring the signs

Discovering my reaction to anger – does it help or hinder?

LEAPS, PEACE, Cooper Colour Codes – de-escalation skills

Observing a difficult phone call – what happened? What should have happened?


Module 5 : Looking After Ourselves.


A little bit of mindfulness and stress management to keep us going

REFLECTED LEARNING AND ASSESSMENT – what have you learned today?

Training Provider – Prima Linea Training

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