The purpose of the programme on HR (Human Resource) Management is to provide the Learners the opportunity to the study Human Resource Management and its key concepts form theoretical concepts and practical applications and is designed for those who wish to gain an introductory qualification in Human Resource Management, to enable them to work effectively and efficiently within a HRM management role having gained the required skills and finally that leaners have the abilities to ensure that all HRM legislation is complied with in all aspects of the Employment relationship.

In turn, the overarching objectives of the programme in Human Resource Management 6N3750 are to train Learners to become competent in all related areas of Human Resource Management and to have acquired the required relevant academic knowledge and HRM practices, regulations and the practical skills required to fulfil related HRM positions within an organizational setting and within the wider community and to ensure that all learners experience the best practice model of Human Resource Management.

Also in order to create a pool of potential, competent and professional HRM personal, in both Healthcare and other Business Sectors ,our programme objectives for the delivery of the Module include:
• To assist the learner in understanding the evolution of Human Resources Management
• To facilitate the learner in understanding the importance of Human Resources planning
• To facilitate the learner in preparing for the recruitment and selection process in a range of organisations
• To enable the learner to understand training and development procedures in an organisation
• To assist the learner in understanding employment legislation
• To assist the learner to develop the academic and vocational language, literacy and numeracy skills related to Human Resources Management through the medium of the indicative content
• To enable the learner to exercise substantial personal autonomy and responsibility in their conduct and implementation of HRM.
• To encourage and support learners access further education opportunities at third level and transfer to those opportunities in the future.

Learners will also acquire the skills to work to best practice standards and will be enabled those learners to become reflective practitioners in performing any related Human Resource Management role or tasks and minimize the potential for the predominance of Industrial Relations in HRM.


Technique Weighting Format and context
Examination Theory 40% Examination of Learners will be supervised and monitored during the conduct of a Theoretical Examination of each Learner in class room setting
Skills Demonstration 30% Individual Learners will have a specified set of HRM skills individually rated by Tutor/ Assessor and record of that skill rating and scored for assessment
Project 30% Written and Word Processed presentation of a Project in HRM area to be a Minimum of 2000 Words excluding appendices, supporting documentation to be presented by each Learner for assessment

On successful completion of the component 6N3750 (Human Resources Management) learners will be awarded the component in HRM (15 credits) towards the major award 6M4587.

Entry Criteria

Students are required to have:
• A proficiency in Word and PowerPoint (or equivalent Apple Programmes)
• Competency in the English language to meet the standards of the programme (both oral and written)
• Evidence of reaching Level 5 or equivalent standard

4th, 11th, 19th &, 25th March, 1st & 8th April, 2019.

8th April 2019,(Exam & Assignment Submission)

9.30am – 5.00pm
 (5 Full Days) + 1 Exam Day

€420 per South West Gnó Skillnet Member (inclusive of course materials, certification, lunch & refreshments).