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Iveragh Road
Killorglin, Co. Kerry

Team Building Session – Leadership Team Promed


Introduce the purpose of the session. Icebreaker – create a future imagining – how do we want to operate as a team.

Lencioni’s Team Model

Team is taken through the components of high performing teams as per the model.

Building Trust

What is your story? Not just your chronology of jobs, but what life events have left their mark and fashioned who you are now?

Listening for Resources

This is an active listening exercise. Each person shares an early memory and the participants listen for the speakers resources, strengths, values etc. in the memory and shares what they heard using specific listening phrases.

My Iceberg

Paired discussions to prepare for creating your own iceberg – nature; life experiences; assumptions, perceptions and priorities; observable behaviours; external factors.

Each person completes their own iceberg on flip chart paper and puts on the wall for everyone to see.

What do we need to keep doing, stop doing, start doing

Using principles of direct communication and respectful challenge. Sharing perspectives and understanding different perceptual positions.

  • Stating, if appropriate, what you are asking the other person to change
  • Feedback given with positive intent
  • Fact, not judgements or opinions
  • Stating the impact on you

How can we as a team work together to create that future imagining?

What are my failures, frustrations and fears?

What behaviours are we demonstrating right now that limit / get in the way?

What beahviours are we demonstrating right now that support / facilitate?


From Team Building to Sustainable Action
What happens next?

Trainer – TBC


Bookings are closed for this event.

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